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Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Utilizing Bevel Gears

Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Utilizing Bevel Gears

Primjena konusnih zupčanika

Bevel gears are predominantly used in applications where the direction of the drive shaft needs to be changed. They are often found in differential drives, which allow the outer drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner drive wheel. Examples include the rear axle of rear-wheel-drive cars, power drills, hand drills, and even in some types of clocks.

Top-Quality Bevel Gears from Our Production

We pride ourselves in manufacturing high-quality bevel gears with the following features:

  • Visoka trajnost
  • Izuzetne performanse
  • Prilagodljive veličine
  • Široka paleta materijala
  • Konkurentna cena

Our bevel gears are composed of a cone-shaped gear and corresponding conical mate, which allows for the change in motion direction.

Različite vrste konusnih zupčanika

  • Ravni konični zupčanik

  • These are the simplest type of bevel gear, with teeth that are straight and taper towards the apex.

  • Spiralni kosni zupčanik

  • These gears have curved teeth set at an angle, allowing for smoother and quieter operation.

  • Zerol konusni zupčanik

  • Zerol bevel gears are very similar to straight bevel gears, except they have curved teeth with a zero degree spiral angle.

  • Spiralni nulti konusni zupčanik

  • These are a hybrid of spiral and zerol bevel gears, offering the best of both worlds.

efikasnost spiralnog konusnog zupčanika

Odabir pravog konusnog zupčanika

When choosing a bevel gear, certain parameters must be considered:

  • Module: This is the measure of tooth size, which affects the gear ratio and torque.
  • Number of Teeth: This affects the gear ratio, with a higher number of teeth resulting in a higher gear ratio.
  • Omjer zupčanika: Ovo je omjer broja zuba na dva zupčanika koji se spajaju.
  • Pitch: Ovo je rastojanje između odgovarajućih tačaka na susednim zubima.
  • Gear Material: This can affect the gear’s strength, durability, and performance.
  • Precision Grade: This indicates the degree of precision and quality of the gear.
  • Nosivost: Ovo je maksimalno opterećenje koje oprema može podnijeti.

Proces proizvodnje konusnih zupčanika

Proces proizvodnje konusnih zupčanika uključuje nekoliko koraka:

  1. Dizajn i inženjering
  2. Izbor materijala
  3. Rezanje i obrada
  4. Brušenje i završna obrada
  5. Termičku obradu
  6. Inspekcija i kontrola kvaliteta

Ostali zupčanici i mjenjači proizvodi

Osim konusnih zupčanika, nudimo i široku paletu drugih zupčanika i mjenjača, uključujući pužni zupčanik, spiralni zupčanik, cilindrični zupčanik, zupčanik, pužni mjenjač, ​​planetarni mjenjač i spiralni mjenjač.

O našoj kompaniji

With an array of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment like CNC Gear grinding machines, gear measuring machines, CNC gear shapers, machine centers, and torque test systems, we are well-equipped to produce high-quality gears and gearboxes. Our commitment to professionalism, international certifications, customized services, advanced production equipment, and excellent after-sales service has earned us the trust and loyalty of our clients.

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