za šta se koristi konusni zupčanik

Understanding the Use and Production of High-Quality Bevel Gears

The Purpose and Function of Bevel Gears

Bevel gears are essential components in various machinery. They are designed to transmit motion between intersecting axes, usually at a right angle. This unique feature allows them to be used in different applications, such as power tools, automotive differentials, marine and aircraft engines, and even in hand drills.

The Production of High-Quality Bevel Gears

Our company specializes in the production of high-quality bevel gears. Our products have the following features:

– High Precision: Our bevel gears are made with extreme accuracy, ensuring smooth operation and less noise.

– Durable Material: We use robust and wear-resistant materials, promising a long service life.

– Efficient Power Transmission: Our gears offer excellent torque distribution, enhancing the performance of your machinery.

– Customizable Sizes: We provide gears of various sizes, tailored to fit specific applications.

– Variety of Types: We offer different types of bevel gears, catering to a wide range of mechanical requirements.

Različite vrste konusnih zupčanika i njihove karakteristike

1. Ravni konusni zupčanik: These gears have straight and tapered teeth. They are simple to produce and are used in low-speed applications.

2. Spiralni konusni zupčanik: These gears have curved teeth, providing smooth and quiet operation, suitable for high-speed and high-torque applications.

3. Zerol konusni zupcanik: These are similar to spiral bevel gears, but their teeth are not angled, resulting in less vibration and noise.

4. Spiralni nulti konusni zupčanik: These are a combination of spiral and zerol bevel gears, providing smooth operation and are suitable for applications requiring high precision.

Odabir pravih konusnih zupčanika

Selecting the right bevel gears involves considering several parameters such as:

- Modul: This is the ratio of pitch diameter to the number of teeth and determines the size of the teeth.

- Broj zuba: This affects the gear ratio and the torque transmission capacity.

- Odnos brzine: This is the ratio of the number of teeth between the drive gear and the driven gear.

- Parcela: Ovo je razmak između odgovarajućih tačaka na susjednim zubima.

- Materijal zupčanika: The material affects the gear’s strength, durability, and resistance to wear.

Spiralni konusni zupčanik 2
- Precision grade: Ovo ukazuje na točnost proizvodnje zupčanika.

- Kapacitet opterećenja: Ovo je maksimalno opterećenje koje oprema može podnijeti.

Proces proizvodnje konusnih zupčanika

Proizvodnja konusnih zupčanika uključuje nekoliko koraka:

1. Dizajn i inženjering: This involves creating the gear’s design based on its intended use.

2. Izbor materijala: Pravi materijal se bira na osnovu primene zupčanika.

3. Rezanje i obrada: The gear is cut and machined into its final shape.

4. Brušenje i završna obrada: The gear is ground and finished to achieve the desired precision.

5. Termičku obradu: Zupčanik je termički obrađen kako bi se poboljšala njegova tvrdoća i izdržljivost.

6. Čišćenje i pregled: Zupčanik je očišćen i pregledan na eventualne nedostatke.

7. Montaža i obrada pribora: The gear and its accessories are assembled and machined.

8. Površinska obrada i premazivanje: Zupčanik je obrađen i premazan kako bi se spriječila korozija.

9. Završni pregled i kontrola kvaliteta: The finished gear is inspected and tested to ensure it meets the required quality standards.

Naši ostali zupčanici i mjenjači proizvodi

In addition to bevel gears, we also produce other types of gears such as worm gears, helical gears, spur gears, gear racks, and gearboxes like worm gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, and helical gearboxes.

O našoj kompaniji

We are equipped with advanced production inspection equipment including CNC Gear grinding machines, gear measuring machines, CNC gear shapers, machine centers, CMMS, and Torque test systems. We strive to provide professional, internationally certified, custom services with top-notch production equipment and excellent after-sales service. Trust us for all your gear needs, and we promise to deliver beyond your expectations.

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