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Gearing technologies have evolved over the years, with spur gears being one of the most common types. Spur gears are simple, straightforward, and have been used for centuries in different applications. Parallel and straight teeth characterize them and are primarily used for transmitting motion and power in a linear direction.

Klasifikacija i prednosti cilindričnih zupčanika

Spur gears are categorized based on their base circle diameter, which is determined by a formula that takes into account the gear’s module and number of teeth. The larger the base circle diameter, the greater the gear’s capacity to transmit power.

Spur gears have numerous advantages, including high power transmission efficiency, ease of installation, and straightforward design.

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Instalacija, popravka i održavanje zupčanika

The installation of spur gears involves positioning the gears for maximum efficiency and minimum wear. Proper gear alignment is critical to their performance.

Repairing spur gears usually involves replacing worn out or damaged parts.

Maintenance of spur gears includes regular lubrication and inspection to detect and correct any issues before they become serious problems.

Odabir pravog zupčanika

When selecting a spur gear, consider the type of gear, its application, price, benefits, and use a spur gear calculator to determine the appropriate base circle diameter.

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Spur gear types include external, internal, and rack and pinion gears.

Spur gear applications span across different industries, from automotive to manufacturing and more.

The price of spur gears varies based on the type, size, and materials used.

The benefits of spur gears include high power transmission, simplicity, and ease of installation.

A spur gear calculator helps you determine the appropriate base circle diameter based on the gear’s module and number of teeth.

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