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Understanding the Splines on an AOD Input Shaft: A Comprehensive Guide

The Anatomy of an AOD Input Shaft and Its Splines

The Automatic Overdrive (AOD) input shaft is a crucial component in automotive transmissions. One of its distinguishing features is the series of ridges or ‘splines’ along its length. These splines are specifically designed to fit into corresponding grooves in the transmission’s torque converter, allowing the transfer of rotational force from the engine to the transmission. The number of splines on an AOD input shaft typically ranges from 26 to 31, which can vary based on the specific model of the vehicle.

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Our company is a leading producer of high-quality spline shafts. Here are five reasons why our products stand out:

  1. High-quality materials: We use only the best, most durable metals in our manufacturing processes.
  2. Precision engineering: Our shafts are manufactured to precise specifications to ensure optimal performance.
  3. Customization: We offer customization options to meet the specific needs of our clients.
  4. Advanced technology: Our use of cutting-edge technology in the production process guarantees high-quality products.
  5. Customer service: Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist with any queries or concerns.

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Vrste klinastih osovina i njihove karakteristike

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Paralelna osovina ključa

A parallel key shaft is a basic type of shaft that typically features a keyway along its length, which allows for the transmission of torque.

Zračna osovina sa evolventnim šiljkom

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This type of shaft is characterized by an involute tooth profile, which ensures a uniform load distribution across the splines, enhancing the shaft’s efficiency and lifespan.

Unutarnja osovina sa klinovima

In an internal spline shaft, the splines are located on the inner surface of the shaft. This configuration is typically used in gearboxes and transmissions.

Ne-kružna osovina

A non-circular spline shaft features a non-circular profile, which is designed to deliver a specific torque output based on the shaft’s rotation.

Odabir desne osovine

Choosing the right spline shaft involves considering several parameters. These include the shaft diameter, spline type, number and size of splines, shaft length, material, and surface treatment. Each of these factors plays a critical role in determining the shaft’s suitability for a specific application.

Proces proizvodnje klinastih vratila

The production of spline shafts involves a series of steps, including material preparation, cutting, rough machining, key cutting, fine machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, inspection and calibration, and packaging and delivery. Each step is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the production of high-quality, reliable products.

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Beyond spline shafts, we also offer a range of gears and gearboxes, such as worm gear, helical gear, spur gear, bevel gear, gear rack, worm gearbox, planetary gearbox, and helical gearbox. Each of these products is designed and manufactured with the same commitment to quality and precision.

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Our company is equipped with advanced production and inspection equipment, including CNC gear grinding machines, gear measuring machines, CNC gear shapers, machine centers, and CMMS. Our torque test system ensures the reliability and performance of our products. With professional expertise, international certifications, customized services, state-of-the-art production equipment, and exceptional after-sales service, we are the ideal partner for all your gear and gearbox needs.

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