Otkrivanje svijeta cilindričnih zupčanika: definicija, vrste i primjene

As an integral component in the realm of mechanical transmissions, spur gears are highly sought-after due to their efficiency and simplicity. The history of spur gears dates back to ancient times when they were used in water mills and windmills, showcasing their longevity and dependability.

Spur Gear Definition and Classification

A spur gear, in its simplest definition, is a cylindrical gear with its teeth parallel to the axis. This gear is primarily used for transmitting power between parallel shafts. Over time, spur gears have been classified into several types including standard spur gears, rack and pinion gears, internal spur gears, and helical spur gears.

Advantages of Using Spur Gears

  • Easy Installation: Spur gears are straightforward to install, requiring no special tools or expertise.
  • Efficiency: They offer a high power transmission efficiency, making them ideal for high-speed applications.
  • Maintenance: Spur gears have a simple design, making them easy to repair and maintain.

Spur Gear Selection: Applications, Price, and Benefits

Choosing the right spur gear depends on various factors such as the application, cost, and the benefits you seek. Spur gears find their applications in diverse industries like automotive, aerospace, agriculture, and more. They are also affordably priced, making them a popular choice among many.


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